Treat the cause not the symptoms, urges ED expert

Treat the cause not the symptoms, urges ED expert

Experts in men’s health, is urging ED sufferers to treat the cause of their condition, rather than the symptoms. According to Professor Geoffrey Hackett, ED Consultant for A2Z Medico, while on demand medication has long been recognised as the go-to quick fix for male impotence, opting for a daily pill could offer the long-term relief for which men have been waiting.

Tadalafil, according to Hackett, was originally developed (under the name Cialis) for daily use in the treatment of high blood pressure and angina. However, the huge commercial success of Viagra, resulted in ‘on demand’ use being the chosen route to market; the effects of Tadalafil on demand last nine times longer.

However, according to Hackett, taking Tadalafil on demand only serves to treat the symptoms of ED, rather than the narrowing of the arteries, which is the cause.

He explained: “Among its physiological causes, ED can be the result of a narrowing of blood vessels in the penis, which is indicative of poor vascular health at a much broader level. If we can treat the cause of the problem, the symptoms subside.

“The dose of Tadalafil taken on demand is between 10 and 20mg, compared with daily Tadalafil which is a dose of just 5mg. Interestingly, the side effects most commonly associated with Tadalafil, which include headaches, nasal stuffiness and indigestion, are more likely with the higher ‘on demand’ dose. At 5mg they are much reduced.”

The easiest way to understand this, Hackett goes on to explain, is to think in terms of alcohol. He continued: “When you are at a wedding, drinking throughout the day, you can seemingly absorb glass after glass of champagne with little effect. Transfer this to a pub scenario and last orders, consuming the same volume of liquid in a shorter time frame would knock most of us for six.”

He also points to the fact that taking the medication on demand does not allow for sexual spontaneity in a relationship. A daily dose, on the other hand, allows for response when stimulated, without having to wait for the medication to take effect. It also means the return of spontaneous erections in the morning – which is of huge psychological significance.

He continued: “For many men, the fear of not being able to respond to their partner exacerbates the problem, the return of spontaneous erections provides reassurance that everything is functioning as it should. Mild ED in a younger man can be as devastating to a marriage as severe ED in an older man. It is important to understand the extent of the problem: it is an issue that affects a large part of the population:  40% of men over 40, 50% at the age of 50 and 60% at 60 – its impact shouldn’t be underestimated.”

Erections aside, according to Professor Hackett, taken as a daily dose, Tadalafil delivers numerous other benefits including cardio protection. This is, he explained, especially important as the temperatures plummet, as research has highlighted the correlation between a drop in temperature and a rise in heart attacks.

The daily pill also results in improved insulin sensitivity, an increase in renal blood flow, which is important for diabetics. It can help with Raynaud’s disease (which occurs predominantly in women) and it improves cognitive function, due to the increased blood supply to the brain. The medication also reduces the need for frequent visits to the toilet, which can be particularly disruptive at night.

“All in all,” Hackett explained, “if you are a man concerned about your vascular health, daily Tadalafil should be on your radar.”

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